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Jun 29 ’14

Sep 25 ’10
I actually signed up for a GoDaddy certificate. Their interface is esoteric, clearly designed by an unfed engineer who needed to get home in time for his WoW mission.

Jul 31 ’10

May 5 ’10
But if you avoid the first Goomba and then jump and hit a block above you, a mushroom will spring out and you’ll get a shock. But then you’ll see that it’s going to the right so you’ll think: “I’m safe! Something strange appeared but I’m okay!” But of course when it goes against a pipe up ahead, the mushroom will come back! (laughs)

Apr 30 ’10

Apr 30 ’10
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Apr 30 ’10
The 70’s: Own the data center (IBM) The 80’s: Own the desktop (Microsoft) The 90’s: Own the network (AOL) The 2000’s: Own the browser (Microsoft, et. al.) The 2010’s: Own the ‘Experience’ (Apple)

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Apr 28 ’10
Unlike earlier movement members who honed their arguments while out of power, he said, “Young conservatives in the late 1980s and early 1990s saw their movement go from strength to strength — and learned that conservatism was always right and that people who didn’t see that were fools.”

Apr 28 ’10
Tupperware karma. I basically said, I think giving somebody a plastic container back is a painfully banal transaction. In India, it’s considered quite rude to give back an empty vessel. Instead of giving empty containers back, fill them and give them to somebody else, so it flows from house to house.

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Apr 26 ’10